Escort Hiring Information

escort hiring information

To become part of our amazing team you must be between 19 and 45 years of age. Perfection not required however a great personality that is adaptable, height and weight proportionate requested but not mandatory. (clients like meeting woman of all walks of life, all body types, all ages, all diversity). We do verify that you are of age prior to working with you. We ask for 3 pictures, 2 full body pics and one face pic. (we do not post your face ever on any venue) we just simply would like to know who we are working with.

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Questions and Answers?

Please bear with us while we try to answer some of the questions that come up and help put your mind at ease.  This job really isn’t rocket science if you can remain clear headed and drug free.  Keep in mind this is fast money (cash paid daily), and high dollars.  The money made in escorting is life changing and leads you to financial independence.

1.  How do I become an escort?

Answer – Its simple send us your inquiry.  This is a relatively easy job. There is a call for all types of ladies, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds.  You absolutely do not need to be perfect, you have to be able to chat with clients and make them feel special since they will be paying you to spend time with you. 

2.  Do I need to look like a model?

Answer – No we work with ladies of all walks of life.  Our clients enjoy a wide variety of women who can entertain, chat and be flexible with their needs.  We just need you to be able to adapt and let your personality shine.

3.  How do you get clients?

Answer – Our website is a highly respected heavily hit site that generates quite a bit of business. Our clients love our service so word of mouth and advertising keeps us very busy.

4.  What are the working hours?

Answer – We typically work 10am to 8pm however its flexible.  Normally we work weekdays and some Saturdays and for ladies that do travel we will work Sunday’s. 

5.  Do I have to work 6 days a week?

Answer – No you can pick your days and times, the great thing about escorting is you get to be selective and pick your own schedule.

6.  Do I have to travel?

Answer – We focus our attention in cities that we have a substantial repeat client list so yes you may need to travel some.

7.  Do you work with traveling ladies?

Answer – Most of our ladies do travel to our preferred cities.  Some ladies come for a week every month, some travel in for a few weeks again this is very flexible based on your ability to travel. 

8.  Do you help with travel costs?

Answer – We do help some. Inquire within.

9.  How do I know I’m safe?

Answer – We focus all our attentions on safety.  You are partnered with a professional screener who has been working in this business for at least 10 years.  During your first few months we ONLY send our repeat clients until you have a chance to get acclimated.

10.  Do these clients contact me when I’m not working.

Answer -NO absolutely NOT!  Several clients text and call all hours of the day and night to schedule time however we have a dedicated line that eliminates you from being pestered while you are not available. Your partner (screener) handles all the calls and texts. Clients are never going to contact you directly because they will never ever have your personal number or personal information. 

11.  What do I wear for my appointments?

Answer – Clients are seeking that fantasy.  (Wearing sweat pants and a t shirt is NOT attractive), best recommendation is to dress up, feel sexy, look sexy, our clients love high heels, love thigh highs and part of the highlight is to see a lady dressed up.

12.  Is escorting discrete?

Answer – There are a few items we ensure.  Everything we do is with discretion.  We never ever show your face to a client (we post pics that eliminate your face) because that is the first step in discretion. The client will never ever have your real name or your phone number or any personal information and we encourage you NOT to give this to any client.

13.  What is the advantage of working with your company?

Answer – We team you up with another lady who helps you meet your financial goals, deals with the nonsense calls and texts, ensures you are safe, since we have such a substantial amount of repeat clients we can typically give you notes on likes and dislikes.  Let’s face it we are in it to make money, however we genuinely care about the people we work with and since we are all females we aren’t seeking favors.

14.  I have never escorted before can you offer anything that helps put my mind at ease?

Answer – Absolutely we have other ladies who are currently working that would happily chat with you, offer tips and suggestions and other wonderful tidbits and their experiences with our company.  We also can let you speak to a client or two to get their feedback on services. 

15.  What does your company charge me for this service?

Answer – We are a flat fee company we do not take a percentage of the money so you keep the bulk of your money earned including all of your tips.  Our fee never increases based on appointments length and time its the same for hour visits, 5 hours visits, 3 hour visits.

16. Incall vs outcall

Answer – We strictly do incall services.  Incall means the clients come to you for entertainment at the location of your choice..  We have found that too much  time is wasted by driving to someone and it is far more efficient to have the clients visit you at your preferred location.  Our clients prefer incall services.

17.  Where do I work from?

Answer – We offer a number of options.  Your screener knows the area and offers several choices for you to chose from. 

18.   What do clients expect?

Answer – Our clients expect a clean, well dressed, witty lady who is sexy and sober.  As a company we do NOT tolerate ladies who are abusing drugs or alcohol.  The most important thing to remember while doing this work you will need to have a clear and level head.  We will NOT help women support a drug habit.

19.  How much money will I make

Answer – It truly depends on each lady and how they operate.  Our clients post reviews based on service.  On an average day at minimum our ladies make anywhere from $500.00 to $1200.00 per day.  This is where your personality and services make a huge difference in your possible earnings. 

20.  Question to ask yourself?

Answer – Are you able to put on a game face?  Are you able to act like you are happy to meet the client in front of you?  Are you able to dress sexy?  Are you able to offer the client your undivided attention?  These are the most important items that will help you earn a very high income. 

21.  Do you offer a training program?

Answer – Yes inquire within

22.  What must I have to do this job?

Answer – You must have a working phone, be able to communicate well, ability to let your personality shine, and be driven to make money.

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